Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does all this work?
A. Very simple actually. Think of Ebay but for vape gear only. The only items we allow on our site is vape gear or something vape related. Buy and sell vape gear as you wish. We have all the options Ebay has for selling such as: Bidding, Reserve Price, Buyout, Make Offer, etc. For shop/site owners we also have fully customize stores with custom SEO URLs. If you have any questions concerning how to do anything on our site please contact our live support agents that are waiting to help you.

Q. Why does the site charge my PayPal $1.00 for verification.
A. We at Vapor Auctions want to keep the site safe and secure for you to conduct business. We charge this fee to verify your account. This is to make sure you are not on this site under false pretenses, using a false name, or using a false address. Those are signs of being a scammer, which we do not want on our site. We ask that all users fill out the information under your account correctly to help us through this process. Each account is verified by our admin staff to ensure you are dealing with a credible person.

Q. Why are there fees to post things up?
A. We hope you can understand there are numerous reasons why there are fees. Firstly it cost money to host and run this site. Each month we have to purchase hosting for the site. Which as the site grows so does the monthly bill to be able to support more pictures/etc. Secondly fees will deter people from asking ungodly amounts of money for certain items. It helps people post to sell. Not post to make a killing on a certain item. Since there is a repercussion of the fees of an item not selling. While we hope all items do sell on the site and you find what you are looking for. We want people to post items at a reasonable price. Lastly fees help deter scammers. Most scammers want to get paid without paying anything. With our fees, which are very cheap compared to other auction sites, it helps the whole site run better.

Q. How do I know if an item is Authentic?
A. The quick answer to this is "There is not always a guaranteed method of distinguishing fakes from the real thing." Most authentic mods/rdas/tanks/etc pushed out by manufactures use numerous steps to show they are authentic. This can be from stickers on the box the item came in, and some include authentic cards or C.O.A (Certificate of Authenticity) with their product. Another thing to take a look at is price. If the price of an awesome authentic mod you see is too good to be true. It more than likely isn't true. And we do ask if you feel unsure about a certain auction listed to please report that auction for our admins to look at. We ask that if you are unsure about a product to do your research. Cloners are getting very good at looking exactly like their predecessors. Google and YouTube are great resources to find information about an item and what it should look like. We offer you to ask questions to the seller before you bid/buy any item on our site. Do not be afraid to ask questions to the seller for help.

Q. What is a Verified User?
A. Firstly, any user wishing to bid/buy/sell/etc on our site MUST be a Verified User. For safety our admins personally check each and every account after the verification process has been completed to ensure the account is legitimate and fulfills all of our Terms and Condition needs. Upon completion of being verified users are free to bid/buy/sell/etc on our site. This is just another step to ensure your transaction goes smoothly.